The Virtual Conference

  • The Virtual Conference: Publishing Around the Globe

    Thursday 1 June 2017

    08:00 - 17:00 GMT

    The Quantum Virtual Conference is a publishing conference which took place across social media - taking the form of a full day of Twitter chats, emails, podcasts and a series of webinars.

    Building on the hugely successful second edition in January 2016, which saw some 20 international experts give an overview of the market in their respective territories – from China to New Zealand and Brazil.  Around 800,000 people listened in or followed on social media. 

  • Where We Travelled

     During the day we will be visiting the countries below and hearing about key trends in these publishing markets.

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  • China

    Key Drivers of the Chinese Market: What is Driving Growth?

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    The Reading Appetite in Indonesia: Print v Digital; Literature, and Government Initiatives.

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    What Impact Will Aldi’s Entry Have on Sales of Grocery Brands and Books?

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  • Poland

    An Overview of the Polish Publishing Industry

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    School Text Book Publishing in India: Scaling the Ladder of Global Academic Excellence

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    United Kingdom

    Global Overview Finale and Highlights from the UK

    Sponsored by: The Message Business

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  • South Africa

    Taking a Look at Literacy, Education and the Book Market

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    A Taste of Sweden: Swedish Fiction and Sales Trends

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    Unites States

    Child's Play: USA Children’s Publishing Success Story

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  • In Collaboration with Nielsen Book

    The Virtual Conference is held in collaboration with Nielsen Book. Attendees will be presented with market data and consumer research on the global publishing industry during the day, adding further value by providing supporting data and extra content to individual sessions.

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    UK Stream Sponsored by The Message Business

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